Rachael Leonard

About Rachael

If you suffer from an inner conflict and you want to alter and change your thoughts and behaviours, to be more positive and to finally live a life style that you feel is directed more towards your own purpose, then please get in touch!

I have been a teacher for 10 years, studying and then relaying information to students, helping them to understand life and how things work. I have a degree in bsc Biology from Leeds University (Russell Group) and I have a passion for figuring out processes and understanding behaviours.

It has felt like a natural progression for me to begin work as a hypnotherapist, staying true to my innate purpose of helping people succeed. Teaching has provided me with many skills and an insight into how people can access and work to the best of their ability in order to achieve things. But I have always struggled with the constrictions of sticking to an outdated syllabus and also found the most rewarding part of teaching was to help students to grow as people and to make progress on themselves rather than studying the topics in their text books.

Hypnotherapy allows me to work with clients in this same way but on a much deeper and more empowering level. The therapy works to remove embedded and detrimental thoughts and actions to instantly create, life changing, new behaviours. Something that would normally take weeks, months or even years can be achieved quickly and more powerfully in hypnosis. Learning to understand your mind and connect this to your behaviours can really alter your actions and emotions.

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