Esther Haste

About Esther

I am a proud Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner, with a varied background working in sales, marketing, administration, Human Resources and management.  I am also a trained mental health first aider with a passion for helping people in this area. I guide my clients to help them to live their best lives and utilise a positive mindset! I absolutely LOVE that I can facilitate changes to my clients lives. I find every day exciting and intriguing when working in hypnotherapy!

I have worked with clients to help them to overcome life limiting phobias and to boost their confidence and self-esteem.  We have developed an intensive weight management programme, which gets to the root of our clients’ lifestyle behaviours and works to reconfigure these behaviours, helping them to lead a more positive and healthy life.

Hypnotherapy has lots of focus on healing our inner child, using regression therapy and many other techniques we work to remove the root cause of our behaviours and heal ourselves!

I work from home and carry out sessions on zoom as well as from our clinic space in Gateshead.

Are you are committed to changing your life and creating a new future? If the answer is a great big, yes… I’d absolutely love to work with you!

Specialised Treatments