Time To Thrive

Become more confident and capable

This is a 6 week programme aimed at boosting your inner confidence and enhancing your desired abilities leaving you feeling positive, content and capable.

Perhaps you feel you are stuck in a negative mindset or anxiety gets the best of you most days. Maybe stress is overwhelming you at the moment and you are stuck in fight or flight mode. Your confidence and self esteem has been knocked so much that you feel nervous and fearful for the future.

You may feel concerned about coming out of lockdown, worried for yourself, family, friends, nervous about group situations and find yourself overthinking everything.

If you feel overwhelmed by change, particularly because the world we live in currently is very strange and daunting. We have been through a collective trauma and we grieve each time our lives change, we all deserve support to help guide us through this time.

We have designed this programme based on what our current clients need, what most of our clients want to feel and how we have also both felt.

This is a highly effective, adaptable programme that enables you to work with us fortnightly at an accessible price. After this 6 week programme, your mind will feel clearer and more able to focus, your body will feel relaxed and you will feel connected to your desires. We provide you with tools and techniques to help you to achieve your goals with success! You will feel able to manage stress and anxiety more efficiently and in turn your life style will improve, reflecting your positive mindset!

The connection between your mind and body is so great that we often overlook how powerful it is to heal your subconscious mind. We release negative beliefs that have been holding you back for so long, so that your mind and body can become whole and you are amazed at your abilities to achieve whatever it is you want!

Lets work together to create your own roadmap towards a better future!



Help cope with anxiety and overthinking

In our first 1:1 session, we use techniques to help you; move forward with your life, to let go of any negativity, to feel reconnected with yourself and realigned with your needs. We take a look at what the future holds for you and discover what it is you want to achieve.

You will leave this session feeling refreshed and able to cope better with anxiety, taking home coping tools to help manage negative emotions.

You will receive a confidence boosting audio, to strengthen your mindset. We advise you to listen to this audio daily until our next 1:1 session together!

The ultimate confidence boosting and relaxation session

Your second session will involve a chat and an hour of blissful relaxation, whilst we work to seriously boost your confidence levels! We will also incorporate techniques for stress management!

You will skip out of this session feeling empowered, energetic and positive!

A personalised audio, specifically tailored to your own needs will be sent to you for use whenever you need it. The recording can be focussed upon reducing anxieties or tailored to your requirements.

Create your own roadmap for the future

This hour long, final 1:1 session is designated to creating your own roadmap for the future. You will release any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in life and end with you feeling confident in your abilities to achieve your goals!

In this session we teach you the technique of Emotional Freedom Tapping and explain the power of this alternative therapy. We show you the process of how tapping on certain points of your body can remove blocked energy, literally removing pain, anxiety, anger and so much more!

We don’t let you leave empty handed here either, you walk away with two, pre recorded EFT tapping video demonstrations, as well as an EFT worksheet for you to refer to when ever you need!


Mindfulness and coping techniques

That’s not all, we also provide you with guidance on performing mindful activities to help you to connect with your spiritual self. As a valued member of this programme we will give you exclusive access to our future amazing programmes and discounts!

Did we also mention that we will provide our whatsapp details so that you can contact us anytime to discuss your progress within the 6 week programme!

This programme is worth up to £510, but we want to offer it to you for £290!

If you fancy a chat with us or you would like to book, please feel free to send us your details on our contact form – quoting “TIME TO THRIVE” and we will get straight back to you!

Please note, there is a limited number of spaces for this programme as we want to ensure we provide an outstanding service to our clients.

First enrolment for our 1:1 Time to Thrive programme goes LIVE ON Thursday 1st April!