Confidence Building Hypnotic Audio


Feel free to listen to your audio as many times as you like, we recommend listening on an evening just before you go to sleep, making sure your head and shoulders are supported and you are warm and comfortable.

Please do not listen to this audio whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

If you feel highly depressed or suicidal please refrain from using this audio.

This audio is not permitted to be shared with anyone else.


Feel calm, controlled and confident with this gentle hypnotic audio!

Change the way you feel, quickly, by directly addressing your subconscious mind and changing your limiting behaviours and mindset.  This relaxing, confidence boosting audio will help you to feel:

  • Less stressed
  • Lighter in spirit
  • Able to think more clearly
  • An enhanced self worth
  • Calmer thoughts
  • More confident in YOURSELF!

Audio recorded by Rachael Leonard


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