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Corporate Wellbeing & Performance Enhancement

Our wellbeing days and performance enhancement programmes create & provide the most optimal conditions at your workplace; for encouraging positive employee mindsets and increasing their performance & contribution levels!

Our programmes help to:

  • Increase motivation
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Manage Stress
  • Overcome inner anxieties
  • Raise Productivity
  • Set and achieve goals effectively
  • Strengthen relationships in the workplace

Our excellent professional services and skills will help you to grow your business and help you to take care of your people…

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Our programmes start from £500 and can be tailored to your requirements, we can adapt to your personal needs, brand and location.

We work together to raise peoples’ own awareness of their personal needs. They can then work to reprogram their minds exactly as they would like to, all during a wonderful relaxed state of mind!

hypnotherapy corporate wellbeing days and performance enhancement

A typical day could look like:

9am – How it all works… + Group Activities

945am – Refreshments & education towards a Leaner Lifestyle 

1030am – Group Relaxation Hypnotherapy

1130am – Journal Activity + Reflections

12pm – Lunch

1pm – Goal Setting and Affirmation Writing

2pm – Group Manifestation Hypnotherapy

3pm – Refreshments and Reflections

330pm– EFT & NLP workshop

wellbeing days

Help your employees to make SELF CARE a priority!

Our mission is to help you to create the conditions within your organisation to allow high levels of performance.

We are accredited in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT and we will utilise our skills to help improve employee mindset within your business.


If you would like to chat with us please enquire via out contact box or social media channels and we will get back to you.

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